Just a mom with a computer, a creative itch and a bunch of little blessings.

Since becoming a wife (2010) and a mother (2011), I have been plunged deeper into the raw and messy depths of what it truly means to sacrifice and serve the Lord. My husband Noah and I currently have 6 children spanning between the ages of 7 and 11 months. To say the past 9 years have been quite full is an understatement! Early on, we believed strongly that the Lord wanted us to trust Him with what our family looked like and who He wanted to create through us - and we are still in awe and overjoyed to call Jude, Salem, Cana, Justus and Jubilee our precious littles. (And we look forward to whoever else He might want to bring into our family!) Now, raising these little guys up well in fallen bodies in this fallen world is quite another kind of preciousness. A task that only the Lord and His life-giving Word can sustain! This is the story and motivation behind OMySoul Design. Just like David began Psalm 103, I think we all need to rally our soul often to remember how incredibly good and reliable Our Father in heaven is despite the season we find ourselves in. It's seeing and thinking about His Word as much as absolutely possible so that we don't forget Who He is. With five kids swarming about the house all day, it just has seemed fit for us to get the truth of the bible on the walls and in a creative, fun and modern way. So, no matter how many times I utter 'O my soul' throughout the day for a number of different reasons, I'm reminded that He is ultimately in charge and intimately cares for me. And that's all I need. 

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